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3 Ways That A Plumber Can Help You Prepare Your Pipes For The Winter

The most important thing that you can do when preparing your home for the winter is to prep your pipes for the cold weather. This is because the cold weather can often do a lot of damage to your pipes by causing the water to freeze, at which point, the pipes can crack quite easily and flood portions of your home. Here are three ways that a plumber can help you prepare your pipes for the winter.

They Can Reroute Your Pipes

The reason that many pipes are at risk for freezing in the winter is the way they were routed when they were originally installed in your home. In some cases, the original contractors who built your house may have placed your pipes in areas of the home that are not typically well insulated, or that actually run outside, where they are more exposed to the cold weather. In those situations, a plumber can reroute those pipes so that they run through the interior of your home, where there is more insulation and they are kept warmer so that they will not freeze.

They Can Wrap Your Pipes

Another option that can help protect your pipes in the winter is to have a plumber wrap your pipes in various types of insulating material. In many cases, this is going to be the most cost-effective method of preparing your pipes for the winter, as the pipes do not need to be rerouted or replaced. The plumber can simply attach insulating sleeves to your pipes to keep them warm.

They Can Replace Your Pipes

Finally, a plumber can also help you prepare your pipes for the winter by replacing some of your pipes. It is not uncommon for the people who built your house to have skimped a little bit on the plumbing and used materials that are not really up to handling the cold weather, meaning that they will crack or burst much more easily.

In that situation, the plumber can replace all of those pipes with much more durable ones. Now, while these pipes may still freeze in extremely cold weather, they will be much less likely to burst or shatter. This is beneficial because even though you may have to deal with the inconvenience of frozen pipes on occasion, you are not going to wake up in the morning, after a particularly cold night, to find a water leak or flooded room due to a burst pipe.

Dealing with pipes that have frozen or burst can be an absolute nightmare, but there are steps that a plumber can take to help you avoid this issue. A plumber can help you prepare your pipes for the winter by rerouting your pipes, wrapping your pipes, and even replacing your pipes.

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