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Coping with plumbing problems is never easy, which is one of the reasons I started focusing more and more on working with a professional. I started paying more and more attention to the things that I wasn't great at, and it occurred to me that without the right training and the proper supplies, I could cause permanent damage to my plumbing system. I started going through and taking care of plumbing problems with the help of a professional plumber, and it was incredible to see how much of a difference the expert made. Learn more about the importance of working with a professional by reading this website.



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Don't Make These Plumbing Mistakes Made By Beginners

Planning on handling your own plumbing repairs at home? If so, you may easily make some mistakes that will cause some plumbing problems. Here are some of those mistakes you should avoid making.

Not Sloping Your Drains

Replacing a drain pipe may seem like a simple repair, but it can easily be done incorrectly if you do not install the pipe with a slope. Waste needs to flow out of the pipe naturally, or else it will get stuck inside it. This is even true for all drain pipes, since even having wastewater travel many feet down won't be enough force to flush out the pipe of all the water.

A lack of a slope connected to a toilet can also cause negative pressure when the toilet flushes. This can cause a p-trap to empty and allow sewer gases into your home.

Not Replacing Flexible Hoses

The flexible water hoses used for your toilet and washing machine make it easy to connect these devices, but they have a limited lifespan. The pipes are often constructed out of rubber, which can break down over time as you continue to have water flow through the pipe. If you are doing a plumbing repair, it is worth replacing these flexible hoses rather than reuse them. Look for cracks in the rubber to confirm that the flexible hose is near the end of its life. 

Not Using Lead Free Solder On Copper Pipes

Have old solder laying around that you want to use to repair copper plumbing? Make sure that it doesn't contain any lead. Lead should never be used on water lines that are for water that you drink, and it's possible to accidentally use the wrong kind of solder. Check to see if your solder contains lead, and if it does, head to your local home improvement store to buy new solder. 

Not Cleaning The Inside Of Pipes

A copper pipe that has been cut is going to have a burr around the edge where you applied pressure. This edge needs to be sanded down, since it can cause a small blockage in the pipe that can lead to erosion and a pinhole leak. You can use a file to round off the sharp edges of the pipe, or a pipe reamer that achieves similar results.

Think you're going to make a mistake? Reach out to a local plumber for plumbing services assistance with your plumbing repair.