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Coping with plumbing problems is never easy, which is one of the reasons I started focusing more and more on working with a professional. I started paying more and more attention to the things that I wasn't great at, and it occurred to me that without the right training and the proper supplies, I could cause permanent damage to my plumbing system. I started going through and taking care of plumbing problems with the help of a professional plumber, and it was incredible to see how much of a difference the expert made. Learn more about the importance of working with a professional by reading this website.



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Three Ways A Plumber Can Help You With Your Hot Water Heater

A hot water heater is one of the things that most people do not think about until theirs is not working. If your hot water heater is not working, you will know it  because you will not have any hot water. This means that when you go to wash your hands or step foot in the shower, you will be greeted with cold water instead of the warm water you expected. If your hot water heater is not working as it should, a plumber can assist you with your heater. Here are three ways that a plumber can help you with your hot water heater. 

Draining and Cleaning a Hot Water Heater

One of the reasons why your hot water heater may not be producing a lot of hot water is because of sediment that is built up inside of the tank. It is advised that you drain and clean your tank once a year to help prevent this problem. Unfortunately, many people do not know this, and as such, the tank is not drained or cleaned. A professional will drain the tank and remove built up sediment to see if your water tank will begin heating up again. 

Inspecting Your Hot Water Heater for Problems

Another way that a plumber can help you with your hot water heater is by inspecting your hot water heater for problems. If your hot water is not heating up, a plumber may look at the heater anode to check for rust. If the anode is rusted, it must be replaced. A professional will also ensure there are not any cracks in the tank or leaks, both of which may indicate that it is time to replace your heater. 

Installing a New Hot Water Heater

The final way a plumber can help you with your hot water heater is by installing a new hot water heater. If your hot water heater is cracked, is leaking or is not heating up water, it may need to be replaced. A plumber can remove your old heater and properly install the new one so hot water is flowing into your home once again. 

A hot water heater is an important part of your home, but it may be one that you do not pay much attention to until it is not working correctly. If you have gone to turn on hot water in your home and you are getting cold water, you will want to call a plumber. A plumber can drain and clean your hot water heater, inspect the hot water heater and diagnose problems or install a new hot water heater. Contact a plumbing  company like Knights Plumbing & Drain today to schedule an appointment for your hot water heater.