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This Is Likely Why Your Toilet Is Making Gurgling Noises

A toilet that gurgles after flushing is usually nothing to be concerned about. Toilets may gurgle naturally for a few seconds, and it might happen randomly rather than every time the toilet is flushed. However, toilets that gurgle when the toilet is not in use might be signaling a plumbing issue. The following points identify some common causes of toilet gurgling.

Septic Tank Issue

Homeowners who rely on septic tanks for waste removal may notice gurgling toilets when their septic tanks are full. The sound is produced when the tank needs septic tank pumping. If the issue is ignored, homeowners run the risk of the tank backing up. This could mean waste spillage or damage to the septic system. In severe cases, the waste can back up through plumbing into a home. A plumber can plan a septic tank pumping plumbing service.

Damaged Toilet Parts

Toilets can last for many years. However, replacement parts might be needed as a toilet ages. The flapper is a common part that can deteriorate due to normal wear and tear. In a normal scenario, a flapper opens and closes. When it is open, flushing is initiated. It should close and seal to allow the toilet tank to refill. However, a defective flap will not operate as intended. Air and water will mix and produce gurgling noises. A plumbing contractor can inspect an aged toilet and determine if it is possible to repair it.

Drain Clogs

There are many things that can cause drain clogs. Most of them are the fault of homeowners or their guests. Certain foreign objects should not be flushed or allowed to go down the drain. These foreign objects can get stuck in drain lines and for clogs. It is also possible for substances such as grease and hair to go down drains and form clogs. Grease can coagulate and stick to the walls of drain lines. Hair can form balls that may get larger when more hair or foreign objects get tangled in. Tree roots can grow in drains and cause clogs too. Plumbers can use drain cleaning plumbing services to remove clogs.

Trapped Air in Pipes

Air can get trapped and interfere with the pressure in toilet lines. The lines are responsible for getting water to a toilet tank. The gurgling noise is produced when water tries to bypass the trapped air. A plumber can access and clear the lines, which should make the gurgling sound go away.

A plumber is a good resource to use to determine if the gurgling from a toilet is related to a serious plumbing issue. They can troubleshoot and make plumbing repairs, which might prevent plumbing emergencies such as water damage from occurring. Contact a local plumbing service if you notice any gurgling noises.